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Pat Powers – FAQs

Age 11 ~ Adult. Volleyall skills clinics are different than camps. Participants learn skills. We do not play against each other all day. Two hours into the clinic, players are divided up based on how hard they hit. For me it is a safety issue. Safety of all participants is my primary concern.
What if I feel my skill level is not good enough to participate?

Relax. Most of the time we learn skills and do drills. Skill level and age are not an issue. The second hour of the clinic we separate out players by how hard they hit. I do not mix skill levels when we play. It is a safety issue. 20 minutes into the clinic, you will feel fine.

What if I am a good player, will I learn anything?

The participants who get the most out of the clinic are advanced players and coaches because they understand the game better and have a greater appreciation for the instruction.

Adults and juniors volleyball players together? How does that work?

Great! In fact I rarely do clinics of just adults or just juniors. Again, we separate out players by how hard they hit and how well they play. I have found the best ratio for clinics is: 40% junior girls, 30% junior boys and 30% adults. Junior players listen better when adults are in attendance and adults last longer on the court when junior players are playing with them.

How old are “junior players?”

Age11-18 years old.

How many participants are at each event?

Usually 55-65. It depends on the location.

How many instructors at each clinic?

No less than four (including myself) and usually five. I do all the instruction at all events. The assistants are prepped in advance on how and what to teach.

What is the format for the clinic?

I teach skills a little different than most coaches: I advocate passing the ball low instead of high. I am a big fan of snapping the ball instead of hitting it. Because of this, I have a successful teaching manner: theory, demonstration, “Over-Correction,” drill, next skill. Then we play “Survivor.”

What is “Survivor?”

Survivor is where we put everything together. The first part of the clinic is where we establish the rules and teach you how to play, the last part of each day is when we make you play by the rules…or you go to the end of the line. Very effective!

What happens if I am put on the waiting list?

I will send you an e-mail telling you the clinic is currently full and what number you are on the waiting list. I release the list 7 days prior to the event.

Can parents watch?

Yes. Parents are more than welcome to watch the clinic and are actively encouraged to participate when I talk to the junior players about high school, college, club ball and scholarships at the end of the first day.

Can players under the age of 18 leave the facility?

Absolutely not. Juniors must stay inside the building until a responsible party arrives to pick them up.

Does the cost of the clinic include housing?

A list of nearby hotels will be included in the email I will send to you.

Should I bring water, snacks, knee-pads and extra t-shirts as needed?


If I still have a question, who do I contact?

Send me an email or phone me at (760) 473-8236